Our Menu

The Fast–Food Restaurant for When You’re on the Go

Taste the freshest and most delicious chicken meal you’ll ever have at Bush’s Chicken. Our shortening is changed out every week and thrown away. We can bake our chicken at least 30 minutes ahead of time. We also sell liver and gizzards, and our delicious tea (sweet and unsweet) is brewed fresh all day long.

Our Boneless Chicken Tenders & Delicious Tea

Enjoy our top seller! You’ll get juicy pieces of tender chicken that weigh at least 1.7 ounces. Call ahead for the best service on our baked tenders because they take 15 minutes to cook! This finger food is well sized and comes with 4 delicious tenders, one side, a roll, and white gravy. Our restaurant is known for our top–quality sweat tea and chicken. We aim to have the cheapest sweat tea around, selling each 32-ounce cup for just 75 cents.